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Income statement living allowance Ukrainians hand in

It is very important that you pass on your living allowance income statement to us every month. This allows us to pay out your living allowance. If you do not hand this in, we will not pay you a living allowance. Please note: this only applies to people in the SED municipality and the municipality of Medemblik.

Pass on income statement

When can you submit your income statement for this month? You can fill out the earnings form if you have all the details for this month.

Do you have no income? Submit this form before the end of the month.

Do you have income? Then hand in the form as soon as you have received your payslip from your employer. If we have received this, we will pay your living allowance within 5 days.

As long as you have not passed on your income statement (and your income) to us, you will not receive a living allowance from us!

You pass on your living allowance income statement to us on a monthly basis via the (digital) living allowance income statement. Click on the button below to directly submit your earnings, you will then be redirected to the application iParticipatie.